Be careful where you buy your bongs


As a local Cali stoner I am always collecting new bongs to the point that I find myself installed new shelves in my living room, just so I can store them! I have different water pipes for different days and occasions, I have pipes just for guests (normally the cheaper ones!) and even some priceless pieces that are just too expensive to use! I had a long time friend who was also into collecting the same type of thing, but one day he decided to up and move to Alaska due to a good job offer.

After he moved state to Alaska and was shocked to find that the laws changed so much there. Just a short distance from his home town he found himself feeling very paranoid about his paraphernalia once he was notified of the local laws via, which stated that these pipes were in fact illegal there. But how serious were the police when it came to this law? He decided to keep them all for now, but he nearly threw them away after a stoned paranoid episode!


For the buyer it can be very serious, or it could just be a slap on the wrist. It all depends on the cop and how much attention has been drawn. But the real risk goes to the seller. If the seller is located within the state where paraphernalia is restricted then it could end very badly. I suggest as a buyer you head over to an online shop based somewhere with slacker rules, such as Cali or even a country like the UK. I could talk about what shops you should visit but I will save that for my next post as there is a lot of details I want to cover. In short I suggest you buy bongs at Lemon Smoke as they are discreet and safe. I’ve never heard of any seized parcels etc so to keep it easy I would head over that way for your pipe needs. They also have a nice selection of other stoner goodies, so take a look around!

If you’ve ever had any mishaps with paraphernalia then drop me a message and I can update this page and maybe make a short list of specific states and laws.