Bongs – Worldwide

Whilst many smokers love to buy bongs then often do not give thought into where their bong was created, it is quite an interesting story for many of the bongs currently for sale. You will come across so many different bong shops both on market stalls and high streets while the cheap, more competitive head shops are online. The most popular online shop that has bongs for sale is HerbTools, who I have personally dealt with many times with great success. They locate bongs worldwide and offer lightening fast delivery times all across the globe.



Glass Pipes UK & Beyond

I have found it very difficult to buy bongs in the USA without paying insane prices, I think my problem was that I wanted a glass pipe that was literally created in the UK instead of somewhere cheap such as India, I found a few custom glass pipe makers but they wanted so much money for their work and it just wasn’t better than the ones of head shops such as HerbTools, because of the price difference I went with the cheap glass pipes and I was not disappointed, it was heavy because the glass was so thick and it just felt so incredibly solid. My wife is pregnant right now and I have to smoke outside, have you ever tried to smoke off a full joint outside? You get way too high! So with my new glass pipe I was able to just go out for a quick hit when I felt like it. If you do not already understand the risks of smoking round pregnancy then check this out. It really is important to be careful.
So what do I suggest?

I would not worry about where your bongs and pipes are created, there is some awesome work going on in China and other countries with mass output factories. Just because something isn’t made by spending hours and hours of time does not mean it will not be good. These cheap bongs and pipes are so impressive for the price.

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