Some of the Best Reasons Why You Enjoy Smoking From a Bong

glass bongs

Most people have no clue as to why smoking from a bong is such a good thing. These bongs have come up in a lot of movies and TV shows to show that a character is a person who really knows how to smoke his or her weed.

The problem is that most people don’t really get or can’t relate to why these bongs are so popular with avid stoners. Here are a couple of reasons why enthusiasts love smoking from bongs.
Smoking it while adding a bit of flavor

There are stoners who like to add a little bit of flavor to what they smoke. This means literally giving the smoke a hint of flavor when inhaled. People do this with a joint by using flavored paper, although most find it to be more of a gimmick that doesn’t really produce the desired effects.

A bong uses water to filter out some of the bad stuff, like ash, while at the same time cooling the cannabis smoke. Other people use iced tea or juice instead of water. The flavored liquid will add a noticeable and pleasant flavor to the smoke that person can’t get anywhere else.

The coolest, literally, way of smoking marijuana

A cheap trick that a lot of smokers resort to when they smoke from a water pipe is to simply add ice. Adding ice to the neck of the water pipe will mean that he smoke gets even cooler. This cool sensation is very smooth to the smoker’s throat and is one of the cooler tricks a person can do with a bong.