gun bong1. Superb Choice for New Users
Many individuals may shy away from the benefits of smoking because they are not ready to experience the harshness that smoking can cause to the throat. By using a bong or water pipe, individuals may be able to embrace a more fulfilling smoke experience as the effect of the bubbling in the pipe allows for a more soothing feeling when the smoke hits the back of the throat.

gold bongs2. Great for Casual Use
Bongs may be perceived as more appropriate for casual use as they actually filter out a number of carcinogenic substances per inhalation. Some have even stated that this may in fact lower the smoker’s chance of developing chronic illnesses when used moderately. However, one may still gain the thrill and rush that may be experienced with a cigar or cigarette as the bong drives the smoke deeper and faster into the lungs.
stylish bongs
3. Soothes the Throat
One of the main reasons individuals opt for bongs is because it possesses the ability to soothe and calm irritated sections of the throat with its smooth smoke. The use of cigars and rolled tobacco are general more harsh on the throat and may cause irritation. Furthermore, warm water in bongs have the potential to kill bacteria and could possibly prevent the contraction of common bronchial conditions such as bronchitis.
nice bongs
4. Easy to Clean
Bongs are often built for easy clean and there are numerous solutions which may be purchased to assist in this process. In light of this, re-using dirty water or cleaning solutions may pose numerous hazardous risks and may cause all users of the bong to be prone to carcinogens and bacteria. The filtering effect of the bong is also halted when it is dirty, so it is extremely necessary to learn how to clean the bong properly and on a regular basis.
cool bongs
5. Aesthetic Appeal
Bongs vary in size, colour and style and add to the actual appeal of desiring to smoke. They are also a readily accessible alternative to smoking with the added benefit of minimizing health issues. It may even be more fascinating to non-smokers and present as an acceptable substitute for individuals who are repelled by the smoking of cigarettes.

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