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Vaporizing is a popular form of smoking, regardless of the substance you choose to burn. Not only has it allowed for many people to move away from chemically laced cigarettes which pose a plethora of health risks, but it has opened the doors to an entirely new and exciting experience when smoking marijuana. If you are new to the idea of vaporizing, here is a very simple and straightforward breakdown of the different vaporizers and how they are best used.

little babies

little babies

Pen vaporizers are the most compact type of unit that features a battery operated coil that initiates at the push of a button. These devices are intended for use with oils and concentrates simply due to the fact that combustion takes place within the chamber. Although many people do attempt to vape with dried plant material, the ash and debris can significantly damage the device. Not to mention, it is a fire and burn hazard if the chamber is heavily packed.

Desktop vaporizers are somewhat large and cumbersome, but definitely offer a powerful experience that is versatile and can be somewhat customized to meet individual preferences. With a variety of attachments and the ability to burn raw bud, desktop units are great for the at-home smoker who doesn’t mind being tied down with an electrical cord. These devices utilize convection heat to vaporize the material being smoked.

Portable vaporizers often get mixed up with the pen style, but they are very different. These generally feature a separate chamber which can utilize convection or conduction, but ultimately, the substance does not rest directly on an exposed heating coil. Portable vaporizers are much more convenient in size for carrying in a pocket or purse, but still offer a customizable experience in the sense that users can adjust various settings to achieve their personal preferences.

Vaping is a great way to experience the physical and emotional benefits of marijuana, and luckily, users can choose from a variety of different vaporizer devices to meet their individual needs.

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