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Our Efforts to Temporarily Abate Exam Tension

I sometimes sit by my window and reminisce about the past. As a man who has lived his life the best he could and now is enjoying retirement, there is not much to do other than watch the game and go through my old album. Last day, I came across a picture of my teenage when I and my friends were at the prime of my youth. I had a close knit group of friends as a boy and there wasn’t a single thing that we’d do individually. We had been branded the most mischievous gang in our school and we kept up to our reputation with concentrated cannabis. However, this one picture of us was of time right before exams. We were sitting in a circle around a cheap glass bong for oil and in the photo we were all enjoying a lot. I still clearly remember that day.lite_burn
It was a Monday and our exams were to start from the next week. I and my friends might have been the mischievous group but when it came to studies, we always maintained a high profile which made it difficult for the teachers to say much against us. This particular exam was one of the most difficult times we had since this was the time that two of our friends had gone through terrible break ups and I personally had a sick mother at home who needed constant care. Although my dad was there to take care of her, the mounting tension was always present.

So, I had finally had some time to myself for my studies and incidentally, so did my four friends. We decided that it would be best if we tried our minds at group studying since being with each other always seemed to give us a comfort. When we got to the friend’s place whose parents were co-incidentally out for the day, we were all strapped up for studying. However, three hour into our text books and several coffee breaks later, we decided that we’d physically explode if we studied any harder but not studying then would be worse. The tension was everywhere.

That was when my friend took out his glass bong and oil tub from beneath his desk drawer with an extremely mischievous grin on his face. Although we gasped collectively, by our very expressions we knew we were all up for a dab. That was where the photo was from. I remembered how light headed we felt after having or go at the cheap glass bong for use with wax and chuckled at all the conversations we had that I was slowly recalling. The two who had had the terrible break ups were talking about how they don’t need girls in their life and would grow up to be multi millionaires and I personally felt that everything was going fine. I also remembered about how we had finally ended up giving an alright exam and passing out with fair scores. In the end, I also wondered if he still had the glass bong.

concentrate rigs and oil

How my Plastic Bong Changed my Life

plastic bongs often seem to have negative connotations, but they are rapidly becoming a popular smoking method. You can also call them plastic water pipes, if you wish. The word bong seems to more suit the hippy from the 70s, but this word use may also be regional.

Anyway, I received a cheap plastic bong and a vaporizer for my birthday earlier this year. I’d been wanting to give them both a try. I must say that I love my new plastic bong. I found the vaporizer really fiddly to use, though I suppose it might be preferable when out in public, due to its small discreet size.
As bongs catch on, I can also agree that they have many positive attributes. Overall I was pleased with how easy they were to clean, and how they seemed to moderate my smoking. I also loved the cobalt blue color of mine. After each usage, I washed it out with soap and water, dried, and placed it on my shelf. I had my parents come over one night, and they didn’t even know what it was for. My mother commented on what a lovely vase it was.

I never really liked that cigarette habit, or holding it between your fingers. Somehow I’d manage to singe my fingertips, and they’d have a yucky smell for a day, even after several vigorous washings. I feel that a bong is more hygienic. There’s no need for my fingers to touch it.

The water pipe also has a filtering effect that seems to make smoking easier. This is beneficial to me, as I’m not a cigarette smoker at all. I’m not used to inhaling into my lungs. Sometimes it can make me choke. Yet, I don’t want to feel left out at friend’s parties. So, now I can bring my own bong, and smoke hygienically. I don’t let anyone else use it either.

A bong makes smoking easier because it has a filtering effect on the smoke. During inhalation bubbles are produced in the water. This makes the smoke smoother on the throat, particularly for people like me who aren’t used to regular smoking. It also helps with taking shallower breaths, to ease into smoking.

A water bong prevents harmful bacteria from growing. It’s quite simple to clean afterwards, and cleaning will ensure that your plastic bong is kept hygienic and ready to use again. There’s no more worries that you may catch bronchitis while smoking. Keeping your bong clean will also maximize its filtering effects the next time round. You don’t want to have any built-up residue to hamper your smoking experience.

Overall, I loved my new bong gift, and am pleased that I have something to bring to parties with me. Since I don’t like sharing I am now assured that I’m not going to be exposed to someone’s nasty flu bug. My throat also won’t be irritated like it can be through smoking a joint. I can simply wash the bong out, and put it back on the shelf after its use.

Vape, Vape, We’ve got your Vape

Vaporizing is a popular form of smoking, regardless of the substance you choose to burn. Not only has it allowed for many people to move away from chemically laced cigarettes which pose a plethora of health risks, but it has opened the doors to an entirely new and exciting experience when smoking marijuana. If you are new to the idea of vaporizing, here is a very simple and straightforward breakdown of the different vaporizers and how they are best used.

little babies

little babies

Pen vaporizers are the most compact type of unit that features a battery operated coil that initiates at the push of a button. These devices are intended for use with oils and concentrates simply due to the fact that combustion takes place within the chamber. Although many people do attempt to vape with dried plant material, the ash and debris can significantly damage the device. Not to mention, it is a fire and burn hazard if the chamber is heavily packed.

Desktop vaporizers are somewhat large and cumbersome, but definitely offer a powerful experience that is versatile and can be somewhat customized to meet individual preferences. With a variety of attachments and the ability to burn raw bud, desktop units are great for the at-home smoker who doesn’t mind being tied down with an electrical cord. These devices utilize convection heat to vaporize the material being smoked.

Portable vaporizers often get mixed up with the pen style, but they are very different. These generally feature a separate chamber which can utilize convection or conduction, but ultimately, the substance does not rest directly on an exposed heating coil. Portable vaporizers are much more convenient in size for carrying in a pocket or purse, but still offer a customizable experience in the sense that users can adjust various settings to achieve their personal preferences.

Vaping is a great way to experience the physical and emotional benefits of marijuana, and luckily, users can choose from a variety of different vaporizer devices to meet their individual needs.

marijuana vaporizing

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Cannabis as Medicine

Although the cannabis plant is comprised of several different chemical constituents, the two most popular and interesting aspects of this magical plant continue to be cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). From a scientific standpoint, understanding the medicinal potential of these components is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to the argument of legalization.

Most people are familiar with term THC, but very few people are probably aware of CBD. This is likely due to the frequent opposition that media outlets convey. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for producing the high sensation that is often associated with marijuana use. The mild psychedelic effects are typically short lived due to the fact that THC has a temporary and weak binding affinity to certain cannabinoid receptors (CB1) in the brain.
Unlike THC, CBD binds to a completely different cannabinoid receptor (CB2) and is not associated with a high feeling whatsoever. Researchers have found that cannabinoid receptors exist throughout the nervous system as well as other organs like the liver, fat tissue, and even muscle. The continued exploration of this receptor system has been groundbreaking for the proponents of marijuana. Although there is still much to be discovered about how cannabinoids work, the evidence is clear that certain aspects of marijuana have incredibly promising potential for treating a plethora of diseases and ailments.

In fact, the ability for CBD to make drastic improvements to certain diseases is shown by the frequent production and prescription of Epidiolex for specific epileptic patients. If you are a proponent of marijuana use and the legalization across the nation, it is necessary to be informed and educated about its chemical composition. Understanding exactly how the components of this plant work can make or break your argument for or against this substance. Don’t make yourself look or sound stupid by presenting a lackluster argument that isn’t backed by facts.