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How to Purchase the Best Portable Pen Vaporizer for Your Budget

bong vaporizer

Unless you have been leaving in a cave for the last five years you are sure to of seen these portable ecigs and vaporizer pens. The first time you witnessed the act of public vaporizing you may of been confused and shocked as to what is going on. The technology is actually really simple and can be put together for a cheap price in places such as China, but is cheap alway the best option? When it comes to electronics the answer is normally no. But with prices starting from just £30 for a budget vaporizer pen I would say it is ay be worth the gamble.

The idea behind the vaporizer pen is to enable the user to medicate in public without causing smell or suspicion. You can find some really stealthy designs for sale such as the popular inhaler styled types or mini pens. There are multiple online shops that these can be found at, both branded and unbranded.

While these vapes are ideal, cost effective and super convenient there is a slight drawback for the more seasoned users. In comparison, the high received from vaporizing is around one quarter the strength of smoking. This is because vaporizing marijuana only uses the THC and not the other components such as CBDs. The high given from vaporization is much lighter and is more of a head high than a full body one. To put is simply, vaporizing will not give you a couch lock high.

But, there is hope! Concentration vaporization is new to the market but gives a much stronger high than herbs. More on that to come.

A quick introduction on our new blog

Hello to all our readers, after a site design change we have decided to start offering more than just current news and events in the world of cannabis. We are now in touch with many smoke shops and will begin giving reviews on many popular models of vaporizers, we plan on vaping both high grade herbs and concentrates such as oil and wax. When new users are switching to electronic vapes it can be a little confusing, and that is without taking in to account the huge amount of varying models and brands. If you have any specific questions you would like answered then simply get in touch. On our website you fill find recommended outlets and suppliers, check out the ‘our friends’ section on the right for a list of reputable online shops.

For advertising queries please use our contact page and we will be in touch with you. We mostly deal with vaporizers here, but sometimes branch out to smoking tools such as bongs and marijuana strains and seed shops.