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Be careful where you buy your bongs


As a local Cali stoner I am always collecting new bongs to the point that I find myself installed new shelves in my living room, just so I can store them! I have different water pipes for different days and occasions, I have pipes just for guests (normally the cheaper ones!) and even some priceless pieces that are just too expensive to use! I had a long time friend who was also into collecting the same type of thing, but one day he decided to up and move to Alaska due to a good job offer.

After he moved state to Alaska and was shocked to find that the laws changed so much there. Just a short distance from his home town he found himself feeling very paranoid about his paraphernalia once he was notified of the local laws via, which stated that these pipes were in fact illegal there. But how serious were the police when it came to this law? He decided to keep them all for now, but he nearly threw them away after a stoned paranoid episode!


For the buyer it can be very serious, or it could just be a slap on the wrist. It all depends on the cop and how much attention has been drawn. But the real risk goes to the seller. If the seller is located within the state where paraphernalia is restricted then it could end very badly. I suggest as a buyer you head over to an online shop based somewhere with slacker rules, such as Cali or even a country like the UK. I could talk about what shops you should visit but I will save that for my next post as there is a lot of details I want to cover. In short I suggest you buy bongs at Lemon Smoke as they are discreet and safe. I’ve never heard of any seized parcels etc so to keep it easy I would head over that way for your pipe needs. They also have a nice selection of other stoner goodies, so take a look around!

If you’ve ever had any mishaps with paraphernalia then drop me a message and I can update this page and maybe make a short list of specific states and laws.

Trying to Buy Bongs Online

buy bongs

I recently moved out of my city where I spent my whole life and relocated to the coastline! At first I was loving it, but then I noticed I was running low on my precious herbs! Back home I knew a whole heap of dealers who could get hold of absolute fire, but now in my new area I knew it would not be the same. Around the same time I ended up breaking my bong that I had been using for years, so know I was in a real mess as I can not roll J’s. I felt like I was having weed withdrawel symptons after 24 hours smoke free, I could even relate to some points on this article.

I ended up getting blazed with some local guys I met on the beach and they helped me locate some herb, but I knew I couldn’t rely on them to keep rolling my doobies. They told me that there was no local headshops in the area and the nearest one was a few hours away! I never really shopped online but I was not left with much choice

Finding bongs for sale was not so easy

After wading through a few shops I found some really interested bongs for sale on that had my pretty excited to receive my order! The piece I got delivered was far superior than my last bong, so after all that worry about having nothing to toke and no way to toke, things worked out better than ever. If you are just starting out may I suggest trying a plastic one?, whilst you are first starting off and getting a feel for things.

I do have a few tips for those looking to buy bongs online;

  • No need to overspend, they all tend to do the same thing
  • Browse a few different shops before you make your order
  • Be aware of where the shop is located, customs is an awkward one

There is loads of info out there for help with your first purchase, take a look around google or read more on bongs here.

Bongs – Worldwide

Whilst many smokers love to buy bongs then often do not give thought into where their bong was created, it is quite an interesting story for many of the bongs currently for sale. You will come across so many different bong shops both on market stalls and high streets while the cheap, more competitive head shops are online. The most popular online shop that has bongs for sale is HerbTools, who I have personally dealt with many times with great success. They locate bongs worldwide and offer lightening fast delivery times all across the globe.



Glass Pipes UK & Beyond

I have found it very difficult to buy bongs in the USA without paying insane prices, I think my problem was that I wanted a glass pipe that was literally created in the UK instead of somewhere cheap such as India, I found a few custom glass pipe makers but they wanted so much money for their work and it just wasn’t better than the ones of head shops such as HerbTools, because of the price difference I went with the cheap glass pipes and I was not disappointed, it was heavy because the glass was so thick and it just felt so incredibly solid. My wife is pregnant right now and I have to smoke outside, have you ever tried to smoke off a full joint outside? You get way too high! So with my new glass pipe I was able to just go out for a quick hit when I felt like it. If you do not already understand the risks of smoking round pregnancy then check this out. It really is important to be careful.
So what do I suggest?

I would not worry about where your bongs and pipes are created, there is some awesome work going on in China and other countries with mass output factories. Just because something isn’t made by spending hours and hours of time does not mean it will not be good. These cheap bongs and pipes are so impressive for the price.

Rehab should be considered for people with drug problems.


gun bong1. Superb Choice for New Users
Many individuals may shy away from the benefits of smoking because they are not ready to experience the harshness that smoking can cause to the throat. By using a bong or water pipe, individuals may be able to embrace a more fulfilling smoke experience as the effect of the bubbling in the pipe allows for a more soothing feeling when the smoke hits the back of the throat.

gold bongs2. Great for Casual Use
Bongs may be perceived as more appropriate for casual use as they actually filter out a number of carcinogenic substances per inhalation. Some have even stated that this may in fact lower the smoker’s chance of developing chronic illnesses when used moderately. However, one may still gain the thrill and rush that may be experienced with a cigar or cigarette as the bong drives the smoke deeper and faster into the lungs.
stylish bongs
3. Soothes the Throat
One of the main reasons individuals opt for bongs is because it possesses the ability to soothe and calm irritated sections of the throat with its smooth smoke. The use of cigars and rolled tobacco are general more harsh on the throat and may cause irritation. Furthermore, warm water in bongs have the potential to kill bacteria and could possibly prevent the contraction of common bronchial conditions such as bronchitis.
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4. Easy to Clean
Bongs are often built for easy clean and there are numerous solutions which may be purchased to assist in this process. In light of this, re-using dirty water or cleaning solutions may pose numerous hazardous risks and may cause all users of the bong to be prone to carcinogens and bacteria. The filtering effect of the bong is also halted when it is dirty, so it is extremely necessary to learn how to clean the bong properly and on a regular basis.
cool bongs
5. Aesthetic Appeal
Bongs vary in size, colour and style and add to the actual appeal of desiring to smoke. They are also a readily accessible alternative to smoking with the added benefit of minimizing health issues. It may even be more fascinating to non-smokers and present as an acceptable substitute for individuals who are repelled by the smoking of cigarettes.

Buying Bong Downpipes Online

Downpipes are an important element of every bong because they contribute a lot to the diffusion of the smoke. Essentially, they’re responsible for making sure that when that smoke reaches your mouth, it’s cool enough not to damage your mouth. The cool taste makes it easier to get as much as you can with one hit as opposed to hot hits that can actually cause damage to the lungs.

glass downpipes

The main problem with downpipes is that they’re incredibly easy to break. This has nothing to do with their poor manufacturing but on their flimsy size with the smallest one usually measuring around 12mm. Hence, you’ll have to be really careful using them because without the downpipe, you simply can’t use your bong.

Downpipes Online

The good news however, is that if your downpipe does break, it doesn’t cost a lot to get them replaced. The internet is filled with numerous replacement products for broken downpipes, each one better than the last.

Whether you have a standard-type downpipe or prefer something curved or stylish, the internet manages to supply them beautifully. The prices are also friendly, starting at just $10 and more, depending on your personal preferences.

What you should keep in mind when buying bong donwpipes online however, is the size. Since you can’t fit it with your current bong, you’ll have to be accurate with the size you need. Give MSN a search for extra help. The good news is that most bongs follow standard sizing of 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm with a few differences here and there. For the most part, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the perfect fit for your bong downpipe.

Diffused Downstem

There’s also another kind of downpipe or downstem available today: the diffused type. It’s a modern setup of downstem that essentially works the same way as the standard. The difference here is that there’s more diffusion to the smoke, thereby offering a cooler hit. If you’re not happy with the temperature of the smoke with your regular bong, you can simply use a diffused downstem and get better results. According to users, this offers more pleasurable sessions not to mention more comfortable inhales and generally more fun moments with friends who are sharing the bong hit.

Note that no matter what type of downstem you own, it’s important to keep it clean at all times. You’ll probably notice some white resin collecting on one end of the downstem which can dull the overall effect of the smoke. You can easily clean this with a toothpick!

Local UK laws on cannabis

Our Efforts to Temporarily Abate Exam Tension

I sometimes sit by my window and reminisce about the past. As a man who has lived his life the best he could and now is enjoying retirement, there is not much to do other than watch the game and go through my old album. Last day, I came across a picture of my teenage when I and my friends were at the prime of my youth. I had a close knit group of friends as a boy and there wasn’t a single thing that we’d do individually. We had been branded the most mischievous gang in our school and we kept up to our reputation with concentrated cannabis. However, this one picture of us was of time right before exams. We were sitting in a circle around a cheap glass bong for oil and in the photo we were all enjoying a lot. I still clearly remember that day.lite_burn
It was a Monday and our exams were to start from the next week. I and my friends might have been the mischievous group but when it came to studies, we always maintained a high profile which made it difficult for the teachers to say much against us. This particular exam was one of the most difficult times we had since this was the time that two of our friends had gone through terrible break ups and I personally had a sick mother at home who needed constant care. Although my dad was there to take care of her, the mounting tension was always present.

So, I had finally had some time to myself for my studies and incidentally, so did my four friends. We decided that it would be best if we tried our minds at group studying since being with each other always seemed to give us a comfort. When we got to the friend’s place whose parents were co-incidentally out for the day, we were all strapped up for studying. However, three hour into our text books and several coffee breaks later, we decided that we’d physically explode if we studied any harder but not studying then would be worse. The tension was everywhere.

That was when my friend took out his glass bong and oil tub from beneath his desk drawer with an extremely mischievous grin on his face. Although we gasped collectively, by our very expressions we knew we were all up for a dab. That was where the photo was from. I remembered how light headed we felt after having or go at the cheap glass bong for use with wax and chuckled at all the conversations we had that I was slowly recalling. The two who had had the terrible break ups were talking about how they don’t need girls in their life and would grow up to be multi millionaires and I personally felt that everything was going fine. I also remembered about how we had finally ended up giving an alright exam and passing out with fair scores. In the end, I also wondered if he still had the glass bong.

concentrate rigs and oil

How my Plastic Bong Changed my Life

plastic bongs often seem to have negative connotations, but they are rapidly becoming a popular smoking method. You can also call them plastic water pipes, if you wish. The word bong seems to more suit the hippy from the 70s, but this word use may also be regional.

Anyway, I received a cheap plastic bong and a vaporizer for my birthday earlier this year. I’d been wanting to give them both a try. I must say that I love my new plastic bong. I found the vaporizer really fiddly to use, though I suppose it might be preferable when out in public, due to its small discreet size.
As bongs catch on, I can also agree that they have many positive attributes. Overall I was pleased with how easy they were to clean, and how they seemed to moderate my smoking. I also loved the cobalt blue color of mine. After each usage, I washed it out with soap and water, dried, and placed it on my shelf. I had my parents come over one night, and they didn’t even know what it was for. My mother commented on what a lovely vase it was.

I never really liked that cigarette habit, or holding it between your fingers. Somehow I’d manage to singe my fingertips, and they’d have a yucky smell for a day, even after several vigorous washings. I feel that a bong is more hygienic. There’s no need for my fingers to touch it.

The water pipe also has a filtering effect that seems to make smoking easier. This is beneficial to me, as I’m not a cigarette smoker at all. I’m not used to inhaling into my lungs. Sometimes it can make me choke. Yet, I don’t want to feel left out at friend’s parties. So, now I can bring my own bong, and smoke hygienically. I don’t let anyone else use it either.

A bong makes smoking easier because it has a filtering effect on the smoke. During inhalation bubbles are produced in the water. This makes the smoke smoother on the throat, particularly for people like me who aren’t used to regular smoking. It also helps with taking shallower breaths, to ease into smoking.

A water bong prevents harmful bacteria from growing. It’s quite simple to clean afterwards, and cleaning will ensure that your plastic bong is kept hygienic and ready to use again. There’s no more worries that you may catch bronchitis while smoking. Keeping your bong clean will also maximize its filtering effects the next time round. You don’t want to have any built-up residue to hamper your smoking experience.

Overall, I loved my new bong gift, and am pleased that I have something to bring to parties with me. Since I don’t like sharing I am now assured that I’m not going to be exposed to someone’s nasty flu bug. My throat also won’t be irritated like it can be through smoking a joint. I can simply wash the bong out, and put it back on the shelf after its use.